CSR Activities

ASAI India is committed to the responsibilities towards the society. ASA India, independently and also jointly with partnering institution intervenes to bring qualitative improvement for the underprivileged. These interventions are not limited to its clients but the whole community benefits.  ASA India helped the women form women’s committees through democratic processes. All interventions were organized by this committee with ASA India providing support where ever required.

ASA India strategized operating this scheme in the spirit of co-operation, the scheme being run by the beneficiaries. Hand-hold support where ever needed was provided by ASA India. The scheme was titled “Swayam” a Sanskrit word meaning  “by ourselves”.

Activities: Initially the scheme was a pilot run at Panchla, Gangadharpur, a village in the Howrah District. However, in 2017 the organization their CSR activities and now are having 22 ASA Pathsala in the different region all through the country where  ASA works. In addition, health camps organized in almost 35 different areas.

CSR Activities: 2017


ASAI India plays a responsible role in educating the youth of the society. A coaching class namely ‘centre for Excellence’ was established on 5th Sep’15.  Presently the centers are named as ASA Patashala and ASA India is aimed to provide education to not only the children of their client but whoever needs the same from the adjacent area. At present, there are 16 functional ASA Pathsala. As of now on, regular basis 700-800 students are getting benefits from the Centre for Excellence.


Starting August 2016 each Centre for Excellence is equipped with a library containing additional books to provide support to the students studying in the centers.


ASA India has recently distributed 300 trees to the Gangadharpur Gram Panchayat to support the noble cause of maintaining the greenery and better environment. The Organization is planning to do the similar thing in other Active areas as well.


Apart from the organizational support to the borrowers in form of not recovering the loan due during flood, in the month of August-Sept in Kishanganj, materials such as food items (rice, lentil, puffed rice, Jaggery) etc and other required items were purchased and handed over to the borrowers from Kishanganj in Bihar and in Malda, West Bengal.

Women’s Health Check-up in All ASA District and Regional Offices:

Camps are being organized at District and regional offices of ASAI India for the Women. The camps covered 5000 women with general health check-up, BP and Blood Sugar test.

Past CSR Activities



  • Since the community at Gangadharpur is involved in embroidery as a livelihood, working in conditions of minimum light, eye problem is a major issue in the area.
  • An Eye Camp was organized by the committee with the support of ASA India, Lions International provided the equipment and services of a doctor.
  • Approximately 900 poor villagers were checked in three eye-camps on a single day.
  • Around 350 were identified with power requirements.

Cataract cases identified were 70 individuals


  • Lions International provided free spectacles to 350 individuals, the committee members organized the distribution with support from ASA India.
  • The 70 cataract cases identified were offered free operations facilities, only 20 initially availed this facility.    Others, seeing the success are now agreeable to undergo this procedure.


csr3Diabetes Detection camp

  • A Diabetes detection camp was organized at Gangadharpur in association with Lions International.
  • Around 800 attended this camp for the diabetic check-up.

cs5Women’s Health Check-up

  • Health Check-up camp for women was organized in association with Lions International.
  • Around 400 women attended.
  • Women here due to poverty do not use disposable sanitary napkins and are prone to infections and other gynecological problem as a result.
  • Free sanitary napkins were distributed to all women during this camp.



Distribution of free books and stationery to poor children:

  • ASA India organized the distribution of free books, stationery and drawing materials to children from poor families. Lions International has provided the materials for the purpose.
  • Around 950 children benefitted from the schemes.

cs9 cs8


Green Energy:

The area is faced with erratic electric power supply. ASAI India identified girl children from poor families and with moderate to good academic records from class 6 to 10. Solar powered lamps (Delight) were gifted to 20 such students.

Plans to cover more such children to encourage continued education to girl child and improvement in their academic results.

cs11 cs10

Sanitation and Hygiene:

Open defecation is a major problem as the hoses of poor do not have toilets. This is a major health and hygiene problem.

ASAI India together with Lions International has identified Nine such houses as its initial plans to build proper toilets. The cost has been being divided between the beneficiary (25%) and Lions International (75%). More such families will be covered under the scheme in future.


Moving forward:

  • ASA India, with the success of the innovative program at Gangadharpur, is poised to replicate such program at other branches. ASA India is also in discussion with other partners to further scale-up the Microfinance ++ activities to benefit the underserved and poor.

The programs will be run by the community for the benefit of the community with ASA providing the linkages and handhold support


Building Future Leaders for the Social Sector:

  • ASAI India plays a responsible role in building future Leaders through its knowledge sharing and training programs.
  • Summer training programs organized for MBA students from reputed Business Schools.
  • Besides classroom training, field exposure to students.cs14 cs15


Educating Youth:

  • ASAI India plays a responsible role in educating the youth of the society.
  • A coaching class is organized for students who are academically good but are financially deprived.
  • Around 45 students are attending the coaching class where girls are dominating by 60%.
  • We are providing coaching from classes VI-IX for all subjects.
  • Thus creating an educated society.



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