Customer Stories:

Impact 1: 


 Activity: Fast Food Center
 ASA Group: MOHONA (P) (THU)
 First Loan: 8,000
 Current Loan: 12,000


“ASA’s Loan has helped me convert my temporary structured fast food counter into a permanent structure. With increased business my husband who was employed as a painter has now joined me and we jointly run this small enterprise.”

Khusnahar Bibi is now on the 6th cycle of ASA’s loan, the first cycle was Rs.8000 and current loan is of Rs. 12,000. With the help of the loan given by ASA, her income has doubled and she plans to avail more such loans from ASA to diversify her business into stationary. It would increase her income and create future job opportunities as she plans to employ more people to run her enterprise.

She has also created a training facility for teaching around 20 local women in dress designing to increase their employability. She also joins them in taking the training for increasing her skills in dress designing.


Impact 2: 
IMG_1517-600x300  Client: CHALIMA BIBI / IBRAHIM MONDAL (1)

  Activity: Stationary Shop
  ASA Group: RANI (P) (THU)
  First Loan: 6,000
  Current Loan: 15,000


“Now I do not have to depend upon other sources and my husband for funding my small shop. ASA’s loan is easily available without much trouble and has helped to increase my business sizably.”

Chalima Bibi runs a small shop with selling diversified items includes cosmetics, stationeries, mobile recharge coupons etc. She is currently on the 7th cycle of loan, she availed Rs.6,000/- loan in the first cycle and presently has a loan of Rs.15,000/-. The loan from ASA has made her independent and she has been able to provide her two children quality education meeting all the expenses from this small business besides supplementing her family income.

Impact 3: 


 Activity: Stationary Shop
 First Loan: 10,000
 Current Loan: 15,000


“ASA’s loan has been a saviour for my family when the factory where my husband was employed closed down. We could start a car hire business and later this small shop using this money as working capital.”

Tapasi Bhowmick have regularly availed ASA’s loan for running her business and presently she is on 7th cycle of loan. Now her business has become diversified and includes cold drinks, photocopy machine, telephone booth and four cars on hire.  ASA’s loan has helped her through a sustainable income there increasing her family’s economic status. Her daughter is now married, she has also availed ASA’s loan for similar income generating activity.

Impact 4: 


 Activity: Pottery & Clay Modelling
 First Loan: 8,000
 Current Loan: 15,000



“ASA’s loan has freed us from the clutches of money lenders who were charging us 120% interest per annum. Now we are able to run our business without worry about sources of finance. We can also send our children to school and bear all the schooling expenses.”

Sita Devi Kumar has used the money availed from ASA as a working capital for funding the raw materials required for their pottery and clay modelling unit. She is on the 5th cycle of loan and is highly satisfied with the product, its facilities such as weekly repayment and the behaviour of all at ASA.

Impact 5: 


 Activity:  Tailoring
 ASA Group: MOHONA (P) (THU)
 Current Loan: 10,000




“ASA’s loan was used by me in my small tailoring unit and helped me as my working capital, shifting to a better premise and improving my infrastructure. This loan has helped me in including designer items to make my product more attractive thereby increasing its demand. “

Sahanara Bibi has applied this loan for the very first time and it has helped her in shifting to a better location and adding up to the variety thereby to boost her business and income in a sizable manner. Her husband has also joined her in the expansion of her business. In order to meet the increasing demand for the business she has now appointed four more staffs.

She has a plan to further expand her infrastructure and has already ordered an almirah as a part of her expansion plans.

She has expressed her satisfaction related to the products as well as of the behaviour of the ASA staffs for the support they have provided in order to expand her business.

More than 5Lakhs of our clients have benefited in the similar way and the success stories have been similar. Such stories of success is shared by millions of people residing at the bottom of the pyramid of income level across the world through the group operations in our country.


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