About ASA Methodology

Operational Methodology:

ASA India follows the globally appreciated and accepted ASA methodology: taking into consideration low cost sustainable model. This low cost methodology of ASA gains further relevance in the margin cap environment.

The uniqueness of ASA methodologies are as follows:

*Flexibility of group formation/ No bindings on group guarantee
*Simplicity and transparent system
*Low-costs management
*Delegation of authority in the field level
*Innovative staff recruitment and on-the-job (each one-teach one) training
*Simple and shorter loan processing, less waiting time for the borrower
*Written manual
*Strong monitoring and supervision
*Standard and low cost structure of furniture, fixture and overall management costs
*Donors free sustainable growth, high ROA and ROE. While the loan is sanctioned to individuals, who are a part of a group, but the collections are done through group meetings

Service Quality:

In ASA India, we believe that the clients are entitled to get efficient and translucent services. The senior management remains in touch with the clients at a periodical basis to get the right feedback from them in order to provide a better service. In addition, ASA India also arranges surveys regarding the products and services to give a better service to the clients.




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