Protection of Women at Workplace



ASA International India Microfinance Ltd. (“ASAI India”) is committed to provide a work environment that ensures every employee is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment and to promote a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth of its employees and encourages equality of opportunity. ASAI India will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment and is committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that its women employees are not subjected to any form of harassment.


ASAI India has a zero tolerance for any sort of misbehavior by the employees of the Company.


ASAI India has framed a policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace which seeks  to  educate  all  persons  employed  or  engaged  by  the Company  on  what  conduct  constitutes  sexual  harassment,  the  ways  and  means  to  prevent occurrence  of  such  conduct,  redressal  mechanism  in  the  event  of  occurrence  of  sexual harassment and the consequences of the same.


The Company has constituted the Internal Complaints Committees named as Committee on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (“CPSHW”) of the following members to investigate and redress sexual harassment complaints and to ensure time bound treatment of such complaints:


Dr. Bijli Mallik                                   Independent Member

Ms. Dolly Guha                                  Independent Member

Ms. Madhumita Pramanik              Company Secretary

Mr. Manoj Acharya                           System Engineer

Ms. Taniya Das                                  HR Officer


Any aggrieved women who are being sexually harassed directly or indirectly may make a complaint, in writing, of the incident to the committee within 90 days from the date of occurrence of the incident. A complaint must specify the nature of charge. The charge should include date and time of specific event(s), names of witnesses (if any) and any evidence that support the allegations.


Where  allegations  of  sexual  harassment  are  established,  the  Committee  shall  decide  upon  the disciplinary action/punishment to be given to the Respondent. The Committee shall record its reasons in writing. The actions that may be recommended by the Committee include:

  • Warning
  • Written apology
  • Reprimand or censure
  • Debarring from supervisory duties
  • Stopping of increments/promotion
  • Demotion in designation
  • Deduction/payment of  such  compensation  as  the  ICC  may  consider  appropriate  to  be paid to the Aggrieved Woman or to his/her legal heirs
  • Suspension/dismissal from the service
  • Undergoing counseling session
  • Carrying out community service
  • Any other action that the ICC may deem fit.


Aggrieved employee can contact any member of the committee at the following number:

Dr. Bijli Mallick: +91-983108395; Ms. Dolly Guha: +91-9830007325;
Ms. Madhumita Pramanik: +91-8336936205;
Mr. Manoj Acharya: +91-9331793809;
Ms. Taniya Das: +91-8336936424;
or email at or write to us at ‘The Chairman of Committee on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, ASA International India Microfinance Ltd, Victoria Park, 9th Floor, GN – 37/2, Sector – V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091, West Bengal for complaints or any query.



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