Grievance Mitigation Committee (GMC)

  •  “ASAI management has formed Grievance Mitigation Committee (GMC) at entity and holding level both level with an effective structure to mitigate employee grievances and bring enthusiasm in the management.
  •  “GMC will prevent unjustified, unauthorized decisions of the management at all level and ensure desired behavior by the seniors and safeguarding juniors from the irrational treatments and establish justice through appeal”

Appeal (Procedure to lodge an appeal):

If any ASAI employee, who is not satisfied with the higher authority’s any decisions and judgments then staffs are authorized the followings steps:

  1. First, the employee must lodge his/her complain to their immediate supervisor or higher authority.
  2. If any employees didn’t get justice of his/her complaint then s/he can lodge an appeal to their respective entity GMC- Head with proper supporting evidence and documents.

How to lodge direct complain?

Besides Appeal, direct complaint can be lodged with proper evidence to the GMC –HO (Holding level ( directly for the serious offence as like sexual harassment etc.


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