• Loans and products

    ASAI India offers their client primary and special loans with easy installment types. They have newly launched short term and family loans at ASAI India for a maximum duration of 6 months to a year at a very low interest.

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  • CSR Activities

    ASAI India is also committed to their responsibilities to the society. They organize different social welfare programs with their partners, in order to provide support to the people belong to the lower economic zone. To know more about their social activities.

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  • Success Stories

    More than three lakhs customers across the globe were benefited from our microfinance support. We are happy to help them in order to bring the smiles on the face of their families. You can read about their stories of success with ASAI India.

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  • Training

    In order to build a community of people working towards the development in the social sector ASAI India along with Proswift Consultancy Pvt Limited provide participatory training at a subsidised a rate.

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To reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the economically challenged by providing qualitative and responsive microfinance servi...

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The vision of the Company is to create a poverty free society. ...

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Our Objective is to support, improve and strengthen the economic standing of the people belong to the bottom level of economy. ...

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ASA International India Microfinance Limited (ASAI-INDIA)

ASA International India Microfinance Limited (ASAI-INDIA), a division of ASA International providing microfinance to the urban and rural people. We are registered under RBI as NFBC MFI. Our products include Primary and Special loans to the women especially at the bottom of the pyramid in order to make them independent.
We are having more than three decades of experience in the sector of microfinance and currently operating in seven states in India including West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Odisha. Our globally accepted low-cost sustainable ASA strategy remained relevant in the current “margin cap” regulation. The current infrastructure of the company is able to meet the market demand and pave the way for further growth.


ASA in India Since:

ASA started its operation in India in the 2008.


ASAI India is looking for Loan Officers. Desired candidate may email at jobs@asa-international.in

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